Guitar Hero Scarf Crocheted On Expert


Well let’s see. If you were to purchase this scarf, I’d assume three things about you:

If any of those apply to you, chances are you’re already searching high and low for a way to purchase this beautiful handmade scarf. Featuring the actual patterns from the Muse song “Knights of Cydonia,” this scarf is guaranteed to warm any gamer up. And by guaranteed, I really mean you can use it to strangle your little brother when he kicks your ass in Expert mode.

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  1. I always look at these and go “Cool! Id definitely wear one of these”
    Then I think of the insults that are sure to follow if I actually wear it.
    Then I see I either have to learn to knit or buy it for way too much money.
    Then I realize if I actually learn to knit that would only lead to a whole new host of insults.

    In the end, not worth it to me.

    Still want though.

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