Images of Alleged iPhone 4G Revealed

In the classic blurry style of Apple product spy photos, a slick tipster claims that the above photos are images of the casing for the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 4G, expected to be announced sometime this summer. BGR points out some disconcerting facts about these supposed “spy shots”:

An all aluminum, unibody enclosure would probably hinder the effectiveness of a Wi-Fi or cellular radio (insert iPhone reception joke here), the Apple logo does not appear to be proportioned properly as compared to the size of the body, the text on the back of the phone is not positioned low enough as compared to previous models among other things like Photoshop CS4 metadata on the pictures.

Take from it what you will. The consensus seems to be that signs point to fake, but opinions are decidedly mixed as some suggest that this design adheres closer to the direction Apple was moving towards with the iPad.

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