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Images of Alleged iPhone 4G Revealed

In the classic blurry style of Apple product spy photos, a slick tipster claims that the above photos are images of the casing for the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 4G, expected to be announced sometime this summer. BGR points out some disconcerting facts about these supposed “spy shots”: An all aluminum, unibody enclosure would probably hinder the effectiveness of a Wi-Fi or ...

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Apple Tablet Revealed Through The Intrinsic Art of Blurry Spy Photos

Now you’re going to want to take this with a huge grain of salt. We’re talking a grain of salt so big that you might not even be able to carry the damn thing. But supposedly, a helpful little mole sent these spy photos into Engadget revealing the coveted Apple Tablet, bolted to the table for what we can only ...

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T-Mobile Android G2 Spy Shots

According to Gizmodo, these are some spy shots of the upcoming T-Mobile G2, the sequel to the much-liked G1 Google phone. This time around, we see a very-welcome 3.2-megapixel camera and no keyboard. This leads us to assume that the G2 will feature a digital keyboard much like the iPhone. The device doesn’t look half-bad either. I’d say let’s give ...

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