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Images of Alleged iPhone 4G Revealed

In the classic blurry style of Apple product spy photos, a slick tipster claims that the above photos are images of the casing for the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 4G, expected to be announced sometime this summer. BGR points out some disconcerting facts about these supposed “spy shots”: An all aluminum, unibody enclosure would probably hinder the effectiveness of a Wi-Fi or ...

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Apple iPad Packaging Revealed

Apple’s revolutionary new product, the iPad, might be one of the most mis-titled gadgets in a century. Something tells me this packaging isn’t going to help very much. Perfect for heavy downloads, but only light flow. I think I’ll still prefer to use my USB Tampon. Wait a second, what the hell am I talking about? I’m the man here, ...

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Apple Tablet Revealed Through The Intrinsic Art of Blurry Spy Photos

Now you’re going to want to take this with a huge grain of salt. We’re talking a grain of salt so big that you might not even be able to carry the damn thing. But supposedly, a helpful little mole sent these spy photos into Engadget revealing the coveted Apple Tablet, bolted to the table for what we can only ...

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Banksy Revealed

*cue dramatic music* I should have known. All along? It was you all along?! Well, yeah, you’re under arrest, err, can we even do that? Yes, you’re under arrest, sir… er, mam… thing. How do you tell the sex of a chipmunk? Easy. Look under its skirt. (Thanks John!)

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Apple MacBook Touch Details Revealed?

A reliable source has apparently spilled some details about Apple’s rumored upcoming MacBook Touch. The source touts the Touch as a “fusion” device, combining the worlds of the MacBook and the iPhone with a 9″ touch screen. An iPhone emulator will allow users to buy and use applications from the App Store. The source claims there will be no camera, ...

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