If You Want To Hang With Me, I’ll Give It One Shot (Tap That)

Phil Collins. We’d do anything in this world to play drums like the Genesis drummer. Maybe this concept system from Petr Hampl is a good place to start. You put on the glove, tape the beat with the included headphones on and record your rhythms. You can go back and edit your tunes, bringing you one step closer to the O2 Arena. And by O2 Arena, I mean your local VFW.


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  1. The Wireless MIDI glove was already created by Eric Singer in 1999 who built upon the idea of midi triggers, which is old as day. Other than the internal “Recorder” and nice green tips, this is nothing to rave about. Eric version worked with MAX and could bang out just about any sequence, pattern, patch or sample you wanted – this seems a bit after the fact, dont you agree?

    Wireless MIDI Glove with live video of it working (1999) – http://ericsinger.com/workprojects.html

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