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If You Want To Hang With Me, I’ll Give It One Shot (Tap That)

Phil Collins. We’d do anything in this world to play drums like the Genesis drummer. Maybe this concept system from Petr Hampl is a good place to start. You put on the glove, tape the beat with the included headphones on and record your rhythms. You can go back and edit your tunes, bringing you one step closer to the ...

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Thinklabs iPod Stethoscope brings popular tech to the doc’s office

Even though you probably already have a whole slew of iPod accessories floating around in your room, what is there for a doctor? Sure it would be nice for them if they could plug in and jam while diagnosing your problems, but that’s not too professional, is it? Luckly, Thinklabs has created an addon make just for doctors. The Thinklabs ...

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Zoom H4 Handy Recorder lets you get out of that cramped home studio

Look at that, those things that look like they might be trying to make somehing of a tazer are really microphones. And not just any microphones at that. They are two studio quality electric condenser microphones for all of your porable auio recording needs. THe Zoom H4 Handy Recorder also has two XLR input jacks, an SD card slot, and ...

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Music Jam gives karoke stars a place to turn to

For all of you mini-Chers or Madonas out there, the Music Jam Mixer iPod portable recording & karaoke studio is just what you need to impress every single one of your friends. Your karaoke friends, that is. The Music Jam Mixer utilizes the iPods XLR socket to both playback songs and record what you are singing simultaneously. It also performs ...

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