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Arduino Drum Kit

Party on, Wayne! Look, if you don’t have an Arduino by now, I have no idea what’s wrong with you. Grab one and then plunk down some cash for this Piezo Drum Kit from Spikenzie Labs. It’s a mere $18.95 and will allow you to easily hook up piezoelectronic sensors to your board and start drumming with any tangible surface ...

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Traveling Drum Kit

The concept was pretty simple. Take a bike and turn it into a drum kit. It sounds simple enough. But who would actually think of doing such a thing? David Osborne’s traveling drum kit takes about 20 minutes to transform from a bicycle into a… drum kit bicycle. The kit contains 5 cymbals, 3 snare drums and a foot pedal. ...

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If You Want To Hang With Me, I’ll Give It One Shot (Tap That)

Phil Collins. We’d do anything in this world to play drums like the Genesis drummer. Maybe this concept system from Petr Hampl is a good place to start. You put on the glove, tape the beat with the included headphones on and record your rhythms. You can go back and edit your tunes, bringing you one step closer to the ...

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Drumstick Pencil Serves As An Awesome Distraction

Admit it. When you used to do your homework, you’d drift off into space and find yourself tapping away with your pencil on a imaginary drum set. It’s ok. Everyone has done it, loser. These Drumbstick Pencil’s are specifically made for boredom-led drum solos. These pencils convert the eraser-end of the pencil to a drumsick head, making the imaginary experience ...

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