Hypnotic Juggling Act Isn’t Circus Exclusive

When you’re under the influence of hallucinogens day in and day out, bright colors can make or break your evening. Pulling an all-nighter just wouldn’t be possible without PoiPlay.

“…it’s like a firework show that doesn’t stink, smell bad or explode, and you can do it inside.”

It’s a traditional form of juggling originating in New Zealand that includes a rope or chain swung in a circular motion to display visual patterns. Thanks to the popularization of LEDs and glow sticks, PoiPlay has expanded visually and is reminiscent of the bike peripheral Monkeylectric. The rope has 28 LEDs that make up the visualization and utilizes three Atmel processors, a lithium ion battery, and a charger. The software controlling the PoiPlay was written in Perl and communicates via USB port under Cygwin. Be careful not to smack yourself in the face with it or you’ll be seeing colors that the PoiPlay could never display.


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