The 80’s Are Back with Monkeylectric


We all knew this would happen. The 1980’s have reemerged with Monkeylectric’s fully-customizable (if you got the skills and want to void the warranty) LED bike light for your wheels/spokes. Not only will this make you look like you’re into Flock of Seagulls, but it also improve your chances of survival at night in the urban jungle.

Monkeylectric offers free tutorials on how to integrate your own designs into the device as well as some modifications you can make:

* swap in a lithium battery (the existing low-battery warning is perfect for a lithium-protector – just make sure you turn off the power when you start seeing it)
* make handlebar mounted control buttons by using magnetic switches in parallel with the on-board buttons
* power two units from one set of batteries
* mount the batteries on opposite side of the wheel from the unit, to balance the weight

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