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Is 2016 Set to be the Year of the eBike?

Urban commuting may be set for big changes with the rise of electric bikes. Formerly relegated to niche markets, eBikes – as they’re commonly referred –have been creeping into the mainstream with design innovations, cost-effective prices and health benefits, meaning 2016 could be a very good year for eBikes. Overall benefits Electric bikes are a great way to commute to ...

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Boogey Lights: Jazz it Up!


For those looking to jazz up their ordinary two- wheeler into a machine that makes heads turn, Boogey Lights provides the perfect solution. Step 1: Get Boogey Lights Fireworks LED strips. They’re also available in multi- color if you prefer something even fancier. Step 2: Strap it onto your boat, RV, bike or golf cart. Step 3: Download the Boogey ...

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See Saw Bike From My Atomic Mass

Looks like the art from designer Elad Barouch aka My Atomic Mass deals with excellent welding. This bike features two frames with three wheels total. The front fork, wheel and handlebars are shared by both riders. You both hop on, control the brake, kick your feet like Bob Haro and before you know it, you and your friend are see-sawing ...

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The Dark Bike: James Perse Cruiser

A bike is a very personal object. I own a bright red BMX bike from the 1980s that I ride for pleasure. Lance Armstrong owns a gajillion 13-pound carbon fiber Treks. For our darker, gothic readers out there, you should really take note of James Perse’s new Cruiser bicycle. Resembling the ATB, the Cruise has vintage styling, limited edition, disgustingly ...

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Girl Getting Struck By Lightning

Found on my Tumblr, this is a video of Flickr user SLOWLORIS getting struck by lightning while he’s filming a lake. From her Flickr page: Because you insisted, here’s the unedited screaming version. I also added video from a minute before the lightning struck so you can get an idea of how hard it was raining. From what i understand, ...

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A Bike Stand That Pumps You Up

How about a little product integration to light up your day? Spotted over in the drug-lovin’ Netherlands, this stainless steel bike stand integrates an air pump right into the mix, hopefully causing some interaction between neighbors as they pump up the wheels to their hot rods. Eight of these bad boys will be installed around Ypenburg, a newly built town. ...

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Safe Turn Gives Bikers A Blink

Cycling is in the midst of a come back. With environmental fears and urban build-up making cars seem less and less like a smart transportation option, bikes are the choice of many city dwellers. The problem is that there are still way more cars than bikers, putting cyclists at risk of being run down by some disgruntled rush hour driver ...

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CelluBike tightens up your ass flab

Not a fan of bubble gum-esque cellulite? The CelluBike is advertised as one of those “get thin in 10 days” type deals, but actually uses some science to back up its claims. The CelluBike looks like the child of a Japanese arcade and a tanning bed. Using infrared lighting, the bike says the infrared lights penetrate the skin 1.5in and ...

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The 80’s Are Back with Monkeylectric

We all knew this would happen. The 1980’s have reemerged with Monkeylectric’s fully-customizable (if you got the skills and want to void the warranty) LED bike light for your wheels/spokes. Not only will this make you look like you’re into Flock of Seagulls, but it also improve your chances of survival at night in the urban jungle. Monkeylectric offers free ...

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30 Best Tech Gifts for Women that She’ll Love this Summer

tech gift

One of the hardest things that men can do is to buy a good gift for that special woman in their life. Whether it is your mother, wife, girlfriend or sister, men often get stumped when it comes to what to buy them. Men who have women who are into technology tend to find it a lot harder because they ...

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