Boogey Lights: Jazz it Up!


For those looking to jazz up their ordinary two- wheeler into a machine that makes heads turn, Boogey Lights provides the perfect solution.

Step 1: Get Boogey Lights Fireworks LED strips. They’re also available in multi- color if you prefer something even fancier.

Step 2: Strap it onto your boat, RV, bike or golf cart.

Step 3: Download the Boogey Lights Bluetooth Fireworks App on your smartphone.

Step 4: Link it with your Fireworks Bluetooth controller. That’s it. You’re good to go!

Ultra- easy to use, the app provides a reliable, low energy connection to your lights. A step up from their Fireworks Multi- function Remote Control, the app can not only control the lights, but also allows you to experiment and create a unique custom look! Its Red, Blue and Green channels allow you to host your very own light show with hundreds of color combinations. An additional channel gives you the option of modifying light intensity while the 7 F (function) buttons hand you further control over lighting effects like color switching, blending, flashing and the classic breathe mode. It even lets you speed those up or slow them down!

The app is functional on both Android and iOS devices, with the former required to run Jellybean or above, while the latter must be iPhone 4S or newer. Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Low Energy promises to be significantly more efficient than the classic Bluetooth, and ideal for small battery devices like smartphones. Those with single color LEDs- do not despair. You can still do plenty with this app, by turning only your wheels red and enabling your engine to turn green only when its running.

With a funky background screen, impressive display, password protection and long range Auto- connect functionality and switch on/ off feature, this app sure packs a punch. And all for a measly $10!

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