The Dark Bike: James Perse Cruiser

A bike is a very personal object. I own a bright red BMX bike from the 1980s that I ride for pleasure. Lance Armstrong owns a gajillion 13-pound carbon fiber Treks. For our darker, gothic readers out there, you should really take note of James Perse’s new Cruiser bicycle. Resembling the ATB, the Cruise has vintage styling, limited edition, disgustingly awesome flat black paint job. This bike will send fear into your girlfriend’s vagina faster than you can say “The Clap!”

A price hasn’t been announced, so if you want to get your hands on one, you’ll need to stop by a James Perse Boutique store. Don’t expect it to be cheap, though. With leather accents and hydroform steel, someone will find a way to make you pay.

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  1. The James Perse Cruiser is a waste of money. It is just a repainted Felt Magno and then the high price tag is added could do the same thing by buying the Magno and powder coating for less than half the price�same bike�same look.

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