Is 2016 Set to be the Year of the eBike?


Urban commuting may be set for big changes with the rise of electric bikes. Formerly relegated to niche markets, eBikes – as they’re commonly referred –have been creeping into the mainstream with design innovations, cost-effective prices and health benefits, meaning 2016 could be a very good year for eBikes.

Overall benefits

Electric bikes are a great way to commute to work. They’re lightweight and can do much of the work for you. They’re also popular with those who want to be active but have health issues like asthma or arthritis, which restricts long-distance riding.

With eBikes, you can exert energy and pedal to the beach, say, but then let the bike do the work on the way home. Essentially, eBikes shorten distances and flatten hills, allowing you more freedom to exercise when you want and to relax when you want too.In Europe and China, which have more established electric bike markets already, eBikes are also revered for their low environmental impact.

Design Innovations

Over the past few months, we’ve written a few posts about eBike innovations, like the A-Bike Electric and the GiFlyBike, both lightweight, foldable and so compact, they’re ideal for crowded locations and apartment living. Both of these electric bikes were funded on crowdfunding sites, illustrating the fast-flowing nature of the industry and the popularity from consumers keen to be part of it.

Add to this the increasing battery storage capabilities and the consumer trend towards more environmentally friendly, efficient methods of urban transportation and the electric bike looks more viable than ever.


The price tag

Although some may still balk at the price associated with eBikes (which cost in the thousands), the fact is they can be very cost-effective. After all, there’s no car registration, petrol or parking costs to worry about. What’s more, startups (like those listed above) are helping drive the price down by increasing competition. As such, eBikes are set to become cheaper and thereby a more attractive prospect.

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