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Hypnotic Juggling Act Isn’t Circus Exclusive

When you’re under the influence of hallucinogens day in and day out, bright colors can make or break your evening. Pulling an all-nighter just wouldn’t be possible without PoiPlay. “…it’s like a firework show that doesn’t stink, smell bad or explode, and you can do it inside.” It’s a traditional form of juggling originating in New Zealand that includes a ...

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DIY E-bola Isn’t What You’re Thinking

I wouldn’t call this a weapon but more of a raver toy for use at that illegal warehouse party. Dubbed E-bola, it’s made by attaching an LED throwie (LEDs and a battery + electrical tape) to a rope which is then flailed around your body. Looks great in the dark, especially on ecstasy. Link

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