Hustler Zeon All-Electric Lawnmower: Because We Can’t Afford A Tesla


Don’t get the wrong impression. We’re not total scrubs or anything. We just don’t have the kind of dough it takes to own a brand-new Tesla and that’s even considering the new and affordable Model S series.

With that said, the Hustler Zeon is just as cool… really (come on, we need some sort of self-delusion to keep us content)! The Zeon claims to be the first all-electric zero-turn riding motor. A full charge provides 80 minutes of riding time. Screw Tesla! The Tesla can’t mow my lawn.

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  1. I have some good news and some bad. Most fokes say they want the bad news 1st. So the bad news is I work for a fab. shop that is trying to make a better, cheaper and populer brand elc. riding mower. They are planing on selling 100 mowers a day with in a year and they are going to sell to the goverment. The good news I am one out of three that nows everyyhing about it. I now what type of mower, elc. motors, gears, ciols, switches and more. The only reason I’m telling you. I have been coming up with ideas for many years and I not getting any ceredit or any raises. I am a nice clean cut hard working man that is gitting craped on. contaced me

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