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Casmobot Lawnmower Controlled Via a Wiimote

The Wiimote is much more of a versatile tool than I think even Microsoft could have imagined. People have hacked the Wiimote to create some zany and awesomely practical mods. But I think “lawnmower control” is a new one. The Casmobot Lawnmower is navigated using nothing but a hacked Wiimote and the crafty engineering by several scientists at the University ...

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Hustler Zeon All-Electric Lawnmower: Because We Can’t Afford A Tesla

Don’t get the wrong impression. We’re not total scrubs or anything. We just don’t have the kind of dough it takes to own a brand-new Tesla and that’s even considering the new and affordable Model S series. With that said, the Hustler Zeon is just as cool… really (come on, we need some sort of self-delusion to keep us content)! ...

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Robocut: Your Very Own Robotic Lawn Care

No one likes doing yard work. It’s tedious and leaves those awful grass stains on your clothes. So, why not build a robot that enjoys cutting the grass as much as you enjoy building robots? Robotshop.se is providing all the essentials needed to build your very own autonomous mowing robot.� A complete lawnbot kit comes with everything you need for ...

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Radio Controlled Lawn Mower the Arch-nemesis of Neighborhood Cats

The beautiful month of May is now upon us and you know what that means! Lots of warm, hot days eating ice cream, swimming in the pool and mowing the goddamned lawn. Lucky for you, radio controlled gadgets are becoming increasingly popular. Enter the radio controlled lawn mower. Instead of busting your ass mowing your grandmother’s three acre property, you ...

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