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Hustler Zeon All-Electric Lawnmower: Because We Can’t Afford A Tesla

Don’t get the wrong impression. We’re not total scrubs or anything. We just don’t have the kind of dough it takes to own a brand-new Tesla and that’s even considering the new and affordable Model S series. With that said, the Hustler Zeon is just as cool… really (come on, we need some sort of self-delusion to keep us content)! ...

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It’s Here: Tesla Model S Unveiled

Hope you fuckers have $50,000 sitting in your bank account because you’re going to need to make a withdrawal ASAP. The Tesla Model S is out and boy is she a beauty. Four doors of fury, all electric motor and a $49,000 base price. Did I mention Tesla is producing 20,000 units? This means you’ll be able to buy one ...

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Electrifyingly Awesome Tesla Coil Gallery

Nikola Tesla represents what every American hopes to be, despite having been born in Austria. Intelligent, business savvy and I heard he never wore white after Labor Day; not to mention the insane amount of ingenious patents of his that still apply to this day and age. Let’s face it: he was a bigger pimp than Edison and not nearly ...

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Crash Goes The Tesla

Can you think of anything worse than crashing your car at 100 MPH? I can. How about crashing your rare Tesla Roaster? A Tesla dealer and a potential customer were apparently doing 100 MPH during a test drive when they hit….something. The end result is what you see and as horrible as it looks, both men survived the crash. They’re ...

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Tesla Coil Guitar Amp

Not much is known about this video except that a guy built a Tesla coil and used it as a guitar amplifier. Each note he plays, lightning and electricity shoot out from a device sitting in his living room. Does it look incredibly unsafe? Absolutely. Is it rock and roll? You bet your ass it is. Link

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