Human Body Parts Now Being Used To Transmit Broadband Data

If tubes, wires and air data isn’t enough to wrap your fleshy human mass around, Researchers at Korea University in Seoul have�successfully�accomplished something that might change the world, but probably won’t. They’ve successfully transmitted broadband data through a human arm at speeds up to 10 mb/s. The data is transferred using two electrodes placed on their skin 30 centimetres apart, so there’s no need for any funky implants. Just pure human data transfer. Jacking into the matrix seems one step closer to reality.

I’m not sure how comfy I’d be hiring a human internet hub. Sure, it’s better for the environment, using less energy than a wireless connection, but this all seems too icky for my taste. How long until we’re breeding humans on farms for stuff like this? I have to admit, it is nice to know that humans are good for more than just their�nutritional�value and tastiness. Wait… what?


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