DIY LEGO Internet Router

Adding to the awesomeness of his 2008 LEGO computer, Luke Anderson created this DIY project which helps you create your very own internet router built from LEGO bricks. Based around the Linksys WRT54GL router model, the LEGO Router works just like its Linksys counterpart except for its brick-tastic style.

Basically Anderson took the innards of a perfectly usable Linksys router and designed a LEGO shell to hold the gutted hardware. The end result is worth every accolade possible in the geek vernacular.

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  1. The antennae aren’t made of lego. 🙁

  2. the things you can do with lego

  3. I agree with Stx . Why no Lego Antennas? everything else is Lego.. Why… *tears*

  4. i suppose its cuz a lego antenna would be kinda awkward eh…. i rly dunno…. it would be cool if it were lego…. i rly dunno… i wonder if it works as well as th actual thing…

  5. You people are retarded. The antennas can’t be lego-tastic because they have to be metal in order to transmit the signal they receive.

    It’s photoshopped anyway, a person of my vast intelligence can tell by the pixels, it’s definitely photoshooped.

  6. post above = true, then troll

    and yes, as long as the antennas stay not LEGO (which may be sad news) it will work just as well. unless for some reason it couldnt cool itself, then its gone.

  7. I can’t lie I wish I had the brain to do something like this

  8. Hey Phil where can I get a Photoshoop program xD

  9. hey phil, your mom sucks donkey dick, you sick bastard

  10. I think ill just swallow you all and then poop you out on this lego router.

  11. so if i stick something in legos, it is considered a feat somehow? wtf, how is this in any way commendable or even interesting????

  12. This is more or less something for fans. I grew up playing with Lego’s so I think this is amazing. Not amazing as in it took some major know-how. Phil, take your ‘vast intelligence’ and put it to better use than gloating about it or picking apart the pixels of pictures. However, I do agree that the antennae can’t be Lego; common sense tells you they have to contain some form of metal.

  13. By the way… click the link to the original post. It’s not photoshopped.

  14. Phil was being sarcastic, retards.

  15. Hey Phil E. Drifter, it’s funny how a person of your “vast intelligence” can’t even spell Photoshopped properly. Get off the internet you fool.

  16. Awesome.

    Though…. pretty sure it’s not photoshopped… after all why would someone photoshop something that would probably take way more time and effort to make than actually building it? Not to mention it’s a pure chick magnet to show off your completed lego router, 😉

    …phil, amg ur so kewl

  17. Pretty neat mod, makes that particular Linksys router look much better.

    Oh, and @Deltoid I take it you’re not very savvy with internet memes. The comment Phil made was just an old meme. It’s not that funny and it never really was.

  18. Phil E. Drifter is a troll anus

    Phil E. Drifter you are a retard why would he photoshop it and my “vast inteligence” tells me your plains f****** stupid

  19. This is so easy to do. Buy an ADSL box or similar, take the covers off, build up your own case from LEGOs. No need to photoshop ;D


  20. Just a heads up… If any of you actually do this one…

    I made one a few months ago and it’s been working GREAT… But I didn’t notice that parts of it had melted underneath. The Verizon FiOS routers tend to kick up a toonnnn of heat, so be careful you don’t have it somewhere where you’ll wind up burning your house down. And use good Legos.

  21. Why doesn’t he just shove the Legos UP HIS ASS? 😉

  22. The link photos/video of the guy building the thing from Lego pieces was OBVIOUSLY a CGI character.

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