Steve Jobs Cheese Head is Actually Pretty Creepy

The second I saw this head I couldn’t help but be reminded of Hannibal Lector and his preference for dining on human flesh. This is almost too realistic to eat, unlike the orange-yellow Cheddar color of the Lincoln Cheese bust. Something tells me I’d get that weird, uncanny feeling when it came time to dig in to the Steve Jobs Cheese Head. But hey, it’s Apple-themed, which means I have a magnetic attraction that cannot be broken by simple disgust.

Lovingly made with softened�mozzarella, the Steve Jobs Cheese Head is geared towards being the party centerpiece. Now I have to decide if this is just a touch too creepy for my iPad release party. Full-directions and recipes to make your own follow the link. Though something tells me my cheese carving skills won’t be up to par with this guy.

Link (Thanks Ken A.)

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