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Should I Upgrade To Unlimited Broadband?

Having unlimited broadband means there is no restriction on internet use. It also results in faster access speeds than conventional internet use. Upgrading to unlimited broadband may seem an appealing idea although some underlying factors may render it a less suitable option.

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How Can The European Broadband Accessibility Gap Be Bridged?


A quick look at the UN’s ICT Development Index, released earlier this year, will show that almost four out of 10 people are likely to have some kind of internet access. Although that could be hailed as progress, of the most developed countries in terms of internet access and ICT in general, the top 10 are all developed countries, eight of them in Europe.

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Human Body Parts Now Being Used To Transmit Broadband Data

If tubes, wires and air data isn’t enough to wrap your fleshy human mass around, Researchers at Korea University in Seoul havesuccessfullyaccomplished something that might change the world, but probably won’t. They’ve successfully transmitted broadband data through a human arm at speeds up to 10 mb/s. The data is transferred using two electrodes placed on their skin 30 centimetres apart, ...

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Comcast Lays Down The Law

If you’re one of the few that hasn’t already switched to Verizon because Comcast kept throttling your Internet connection while you were trying to torrent, get this: Come October 1st, Comcast will be implementing a 250GB monthly cap as part of their shift toward “protocol agnostic” network management. Comcast is still making plans on how they want to screw their ...

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Steampunk “Telescope” Links London and NYC

We celebrated the 125th birthday of the Brooklyn Bridge last night and boy was it a party. We had some drinks, mingled a bit and eventually watched a guy named Paul St. George bring in a huge Telectroscope. The Telectroscope, in theory, is supposed to let people from London and NYC look at each other via an undersea tunnel with ...

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Pioneer connects audio system and motion-sensing speakers over power line

Audio system manufacturers have been brainstorming for so long the best way to connect speakers with the audio system. The traditional way is the copper wire, now we can do it over WiFi and Bluetooth. The problem with these wireless technologies is that they have limited coverage and they are subject to interference, there are also people concerned with the ...

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