How The Internet Works (Infographic)

We use it for hours everyday. It changed the world and international culture. It set to work an era of communication which previously had only been the stuff of science-fiction. The Internet. While many of us have a rudimentary knowledge of how the net actually works, this infographic gives all of us digital laymen a better idea of just how data gets from point a to point b.

Did you know that nearly a million MBs of data is transferred on the net per second in the U.S. alone? And that’s just the very tip of the iceberg. You just have to read some of this stuff to believe it. The vast amount of information available to everyone in an instant is truly the most significant development of human potential thus far. In my eyes, the communication factor overshadows the privacy concerns by leaps and bounds.


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  1. This was actually a quite nice chart. Nice looking and gives enough information for a normal pedestrian to be satisfied. I was always interested myself but always was too lazy to actually figure out.

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