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5 Facts to Show Why Geeks Love Sci-Fi

What Makes Sci Fi Geek Worthy

Science Fiction is one of the broadest scopes of fiction there ever has been. It opens the mind to infinite possibilities. Some of these have even turned out to be true. It gives people a chance to imagine the world and re-imagine the universe as we know it. Some people might say that watching or reading a lot of sci-fi ...

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Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know About Halloween (Infographic)

We’ve been celebrating Halloween for 2000 years. Originally inspired by pagan traditions, the trick-or-treat holiday has evolved into a night of scares and sugar, with a complete lack of religious inclinations. To be honest, I barely knew anything about Halloween before reading this infographic. I never knew the incredible commercial success Halloween offers to retailers. But it makes sense. Tons ...

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Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know About Marvel Comics (Infographic)

Just the fact that Marvel once owned the rights to the word “zombie” makes the company infinitely cooler than I ever could have imagined. There are some infographics which have one or two facts that I might find really interesting, while the rest I could have guessed or sort of already knew. Every fact on this one was new to ...

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Stuff You Might Not Have Known About eBay (Infographic)

So much to buy, so little time (and money). eBay launched a revolution of eCommerce which adopted the auction style of buying and selling, providing an equal outlet for both entrepreneurs and people just trying to get rid of the crap in their attic. The amount of business that flows through eBay these days is just overwhelmingly vast. Over $60 ...

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How The Internet Works (Infographic)

We use it for hours everyday. It changed the world and international culture. It set to work an era of communication which previously had only been the stuff of science-fiction. The Internet. While many of us have a rudimentary knowledge of how the net actually works, this infographic gives all of us digital laymen a better idea of just how ...

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Stuff You Might Not Know About Facebook

Facebook and the Zuck might not be the evil corporation that the media makes them out to be. But then again maybe they are. Not so worried about Facebook’s aim of global domination… I mean, connection? 70% of Facebook’s users are outside of the US. Oh, and if your Grandma isn’t on Facebook yet, just wait. Women aged 55 and ...

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15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs

Steve is an enigma. And apparently, an extremely stinky enigma at that. Did you know that while he was working at Atari he was forced to work the night shift because of his terrible personal hygiene? True story. Sounds like someone could have used a few bars of Star Wars Soap. For that and 14 other amazing Steve Jobs facts ...

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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Nintendo

Did you know it took Nintendo over 90 years to make a name for itself? Launching in 1889 (yes, that’s one-eight-eight-nine), it wasn’t until the mid-198os when Nintendo really started busting out of its shell, much to the credit of Shigeru Miyamoto, who was hired by Nintendo in 1977 as their first staff artist at the under ripened age of ...

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