Honda Connects Your Brain To The Robot


The world just got a little creepier.

Honda, the company that made your sister’s ’02 Civic, has developed a way to transmit brain signals to a robot, allowing humans to control robots remotely. Honda has “read patterns of electric currents on a person’s scalp as well as changes in cerebral blood flow when a person thinks about four simple movements – moving the right hand, moving the left hand, running and eating.” What is this technology? Is it safe? Are there going to be repercussions? Will Skynet come alive next year?

During a presentation in Japan, a man wearing a helmet with a bunch of cables connected to it was able to think about moving his right hand and like clockwork, the ASIMO on stage lifted its hand. This could pave the way for huge advances in medical technology for those with disabilities. Imagine not being able to walk and all of a sudden, you can think about walking and your robotic legs will do just that. Or we could all get killed by a bunch of Honda-branded robots. It’s your call.


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  1. I think this is a very cool product, if I had a missing limb I would almost do anything to get this product. I would even consider having my arm cut off so I could have a robot arm. And by the way Skynet i.e. Termanator… that was just a movie, that could never happen. Man is not smart enough to make machines to think and act like that.

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