Honda Takes “Doing the Robot” One “Step” Too Far


In recent years, Honda’s robotics division has really taken off. After seeing ASIMO fall down a flight of stairs during CES one year, I pretty much lost all confidence in the company. That is, until I saw this experimental walking assistance device that’s set to be unveiled in Japan this week.

Aimed at the elderly and people with disabilities, it will come in either small, medium or large sizes. With only a two-hour lifespan, this isn’t meant for hiking Everest or trekking through Central Park. However, seniors and the like will find that completing simple tasks like walking to the refrigerator or the corner store will no longer be daunting.

The only issue I really see with this device is that my 84-year-old grandmother will turn into a goddamned Terminator once she straps a set on. Instead of making me a sandwich for lunch, she’ll kill her neighbors with a gardening tool and will think her toaster is Skynet. I’ll learn to deal.


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