Handerpants Reduce Your Hand’s Sperm Count


I don’t know why I love this so much, but I do. Handerpants are tighty-whities for your hands, gloves inspired by the classic testicle confining pair of underwear.

Just imagine how creeped out you would have been if Michael Jackson wore one of these instead of his one shimmery glove. Warning: After sustained use you might want to get your hand’s sperm count checked out. I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit I want a pair. Scope out the video after the jump, including a Billy Mays wannabe.

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  1. isn’t the correct term ‘tidy whities’? i’m actually not 100% sure, but i’ve always called them that.

  2. Pretty sure they are tighty, hence their tightness. Once they are used a lot, they aren’t so tidy.

  3. I WANT THEM! This is the kind of thing that’s so ridiculous that you just have to get them!

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