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Handerpants Reduce Your Hand’s Sperm Count

I don’t know why I love this so much, but I do. Handerpants are tighty-whities for your hands, gloves inspired by the classic testicle confining pair of underwear. Just imagine how creeped out you would have been if Michael Jackson wore one of these instead of his one shimmery glove. Warning: After sustained use you might want to get your ...

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Welcome To Prime Time, Bitch

You’ll go nowhere with retro gamer belt buckles or a Darth Vader belt, but with a Freddy Krueger glove as your belt buckle, you’ll go straight to hell. Be sure to tell them that Freddy sent ya, if they couldn’t already guess it by glancing at your waist. $40 for a belt buckle might seem steep at first, but this ...

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SensoGlove And A Respectable Handshake

Some people have a wimpy handshake, while others have a bone-breaking firm shake. The SensoGlove will train certain uncoordinated folk into having the perfect grip on their golf club, handshake or life. The glove teaches you how to maintain a correct swing in golf via built-in sensors that constantly read the pressure of your grip, letting you easily learn proper ...

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Para Para Revolution Is Rhythm With Your Fingers

Guitar Hero got lame pretty damn fast and Dance Dance Revolution was never straight. Para Para Revolution however, isn’t nearly as bad. Instead of dancing on foot pads or playing a fake guitar, the player wears gloves with accelerometers that detect their hand movements. The gloves focus on both hands’ waving motions. The player has to follow the rhythm and ...

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