Green Capsule: Portable Garden


I understand that living in a major metropolitan city can leave you with a lack of plants, grass and trees but this is still a bit overkill. It’s a keychain called the Green Capsule and it comes with a small vegetable seed inside along with a proprietary soil mix of some sort. In turn, with a little light, your seed will grow into a plant in no time. Once it gets too big, just swap it out of the keychain and replace it with another seed.

I like the idea of a fully sustainable garden in my pocket and I also like free vegetables, so this is a perfect gift idea for me. Unfortunately, at $62, it’s also the most expensive keychain I’ve seen. Maybe I’ll stick to this piece of old gum I twirled into a ring.


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  1. At , I purchased this for only about $16. 🙂

  2. sorry! link didn’t post. http: // http://www.strapya-world. com/products/29123. html

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