Google Gives Out Free G2s


Google. Oprah. The two should really sit down for a cup of coffee sometime and talk billions. They actually have a lot in common, believe it or not. Oprah is more accustomed to giving out things like books and cars, but today, Google one upped the queen of daytime TV and gave out free Android-based G2 phones (aka HTC Magic). The recipients? Attendees of Google’s I/O developer conference. Rumor has it that the phone even comes with a SIM card with 30 days of talk and 3G access. Hey, it pays to be a fan of Google sometimes.


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  1. hey google. i think, no i know that G2, is officially the coolest phone ever! i don’t one bt My cousin does and everytime am always hustling him for the phone so that i get to search and look up things on the website, google. thanks guys for the great experience and google will always be my Number1

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