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Google Gives Out Free G2s

Google. Oprah. The two should really sit down for a cup of coffee sometime and talk billions. They actually have a lot in common, believe it or not. Oprah is more accustomed to giving out things like books and cars, but today, Google one upped the queen of daytime TV and gave out free Android-based G2 phones (aka HTC Magic). ...

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HTC Dream: Would The Real T-Mobile G2 Please Stand Up?

Leave it to the Boy Genius to get yet another exclusive mobile phone leak. This time around, it’s the T-Mobile G2! Except that, it’s not called the G2. In Europe, it’ll be known as the HTC Dream and Vodafone will be offering it to customers sometime this year. What’s the Dream going to pack? For now, BGR speculates mostly standard ...

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T-Mobile Android G2 Spy Shots

According to Gizmodo, these are some spy shots of the upcoming T-Mobile G2, the sequel to the much-liked G1 Google phone. This time around, we see a very-welcome 3.2-megapixel camera and no keyboard. This leads us to assume that the G2 will feature a digital keyboard much like the iPhone. The device doesn’t look half-bad either. I’d say let’s give ...

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Rumor Update: T-Mobile G2

A rumor is going ’round the web today that suggest T-Mobile and Google will be releasing a new device called the G2 in January. I just got confirmation from my inside source at T-Mobile who says the device is indeed real and is coming soon. As for specs, he couldn’t confirm any of that with me but here’s what it’s ...

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