Fresh: Skateboard Deck by Anthony Cozzi


Anthony is the man. Not just because he’s an avid Gearfuse reader, but because he designed this badass skateboard deck called Fruit. The entire thing is wrapped in fruit, giving a your board a fresh new look in a world full of World Industries and Element. The best part is that although extremely limited, you can still get your paws on one of Anthony’s boards for only $65. A small price to pay for an original deck.

After the jump: Specs, pix and a link to buy the board!


Specs are: 7-Ply, 100% Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck. Griptape not included.
Dimensions: Width 7�”, Height 33″. Oh, and Anthony says that this board is not made to hang around in your room. It’s made for real, honest-to-god skating. We approve.


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  1. Would be good for skateboarding on a tropical island with a mixed drink and an umbrella

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