Foldable Bed is a Real Space Saver for Small Apartments


We’re not, what you might call, “living large” here at Gearfuse (unless we’re talking about our scarily huge genitals. Really, we’re monsters.) We’re lucky if we can have more than two friends over at once without feeling cramped. But that’s not to say we’re complaining. We have a little nook to call our own for the time being, and that’s more than others can say. Though it’s always nice to save a little extra room. Even five square feet makes a huge difference in small quarters.

This folding bed design by Nicola From Bern is an awesome option for limited living space. An angled frame and fiberglass-reinforced plastic tubes create a bed frame that can be adapted to different mattress sizes. It’s probably not the most convenient method of saving extra space (you could always get some clunky futon,) but its minimalistic design fits right in with a minimalistic lifestyle.

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