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Slim Plugs Save You A Centimeter or Two

I always hated plugging electronics in behind furniture because the furniture is never able to be flat enough against the wall for my liking. For example, when I plug my phone charger in behind my bed, I’m forced to keep the head of my bed two inches from the wall, or else the plug would be knocked out of its ...

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Roll Up Washable Keyboard

Sometimes, the best gadgets don’t feature accelerometers and digital cameras. Take for instance this roll up keyboard. It’s made of silicone and is completely washable, ensuring that last night’s Red Bull Cola stains come off with complete ease. And for only $15? Sign me up. Link [via]

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Foldable Bed is a Real Space Saver for Small Apartments

We’re not, what you might call, “living large” here at Gearfuse (unless we’re talking about our scarily huge genitals. Really, we’re monsters.) We’re lucky if we can have more than two friends over at once without feeling cramped. But that’s not to say we’re complaining. We have a little nook to call our own for the time being, and that’s ...

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