The Computer Table for space conservation is the ultimate case mod


We thought the idea to latch all unneeded gear to the bottom of your desk was an ultimate space saver, and this Computer Table puts the cherry on the sundae. Who needs a tower when they have a desk? The Computer Table fits all of your hardware into a desk drawer, so no cases needed. You can actually call this a very elaborate case mod. And made for only a fraction of the cost of The Milk table.

Along with fitting the CPU in a desk nook, the Computer Table also features a blue neon light for nighttime viewing and a pretty decent design touch as well. The back of the desk frame has a added heat vent and air fan slots to ensure possible cooling and breathing for your hardware. You can plainly see that this computer desk proves that you don’t need to sacrifice design for efficiency.



Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Now, something that would be even better is if there was a place on the desk to plug the power cables into the desk for whatever peripherals you have, or even just the monitor’s power cable, as in having the desk come with a shortish cable that’s attached to it that’s designed to plug into your standard monitor power cable port on a monitor.

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