DIY: Declutter your desk using, um, all of your space


Some people are really set in their ways. Cluttered desks is a common problem and is becoming a habit for many of us. For a pretty minimal price, you can be like Van Mardian, and totally clean the clutter crappity crap off your desk, while still keeping all of your needed gadgets (or wanted, as most aren’t really needed unless we’re talking about an oxygen tank).

Using only a pegboard, 5 hasps, screws, a dowel, Styrofoam, and wire Mr. Mardian shows us how to eliminate all of our desk clutter for a scant price of $33.42 by relocating all extra-ness to an attached board under your desk. Catch the jump for a picture of the end result and more.



vmardian_29.jpg vmardian_28.jpg

Andrew Dobrow

Declutter Your Desk [Van Mardian]

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