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Turn an Unused PC Slot Into a Safe Drawer

Now this is a great idea. A great idea that I didn’t think of first? Now that doesn’t happen everyday. But for this idea, I must concede defeat, as I would never have thought of such an ingenious space saver. Wait a second, I take that back, I so thought of this first. Yeah… totally did. The PC Drawer and ...

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Foldable Bed is a Real Space Saver for Small Apartments

We’re not, what you might call, “living large” here at Gearfuse (unless we’re talking about our scarily huge genitals. Really, we’re monsters.) We’re lucky if we can have more than two friends over at once without feeling cramped. But that’s not to say we’re complaining. We have a little nook to call our own for the time being, and that’s ...

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