Eric Frietas’s Steampunk Clock Designs


Industrial designer Eric Frietas’s designs intricately composed and complexly designed wall clocks. The steampunk edge inspired into his work is clear and concise. The clocks appear to be living breathing beings, except these beings won’t shit on your carpet.

Although the designs are rather complex it feels as though every part has been placed in the right place, essential to complete the piece. Frietas says that although the clocks aren’t for sale yet, they will be soon. You can follow his blog for up-to-date information.





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  1. I can’t begin to say how incredibly awesome these clocks are. I know I’ll never be able to afford one (hand cut gears? The labour and planning going into this must be immense) but I’d sell my soul for one nonetheless.


  2. after reading The Defference Engine by Gibson, i can only wait until these clocks are sold to the public. hopefully they are within the realm of reason, pricewise. Jack

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