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Eric Frietas’s Steampunk Clock Designs

Industrial designer Eric Frietas’s designs intricately composed and complexly designed wall clocks. The steampunk edge inspired into his work is clear and concise. The clocks appear to be living breathing beings, except these beings won’t shit on your carpet. Although the designs are rather complex it feels as though every part has been placed in the right place, essential to ...

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Living Through Hardcore Design

I’ve never heard of the firm Hardcore Design before but I’m surprised the Wachowski brothers didn’t hire them to design props for the original Matrix flick. Using pipes, aluminum, steel and other industrial products, Hardcore manages to create some of the most beautiful and unique sculptures and furniture. Hit the jump and let the pictures do all the talking.

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Three-Dimensional Printer Thinks Green

Industrial design students at Victoria University presented innovative prototypes. The project was to design and make an eco-friendly three-dimensional printer in four weeks with a limited budget. Some crazy designs came out of the printers created but my favorite is the “Equinox”, pictured above. It focuses the power of the sun to selectively dry layers of recycled paint which in ...

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