DIY: Iron Man Arc Reactor

The Iron Man movie was awesome and we’ve all seen the crazy fanboys dressing up in cosplay costumes. The next take on the DIY arc reactor is very Robert Downey Jr and we think that’s a good thing (these days). Remember the terrible chest piece Tony Stark had to create to keep him self alive? Making your own isn’t too tough either; you just need to stand close to some explosive projectile.

Once it pierces your chest, the hard part is over. Gathering materials and soldering will be the least of your worries. Unfortunately, you can’t shoot impulse blasts from your chest with this arc reactor but at least you won’t have to settle for shitty life support.

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  1. you guys r crazy stop thinkin that u can be like iron man its not gona happen. the closest ur gona get is to do ur own designs get steel and weld it . oh yeah i foggot ark reactor technology does not exist but the closest to it is stering enginers in the face i no it but no 1s gettin it out of me cheaply

  2. Wow Ben, way to be an absolute prick for no reason at all. good for you.

    I personally think this is awesome. im making one and going as Tony Stark for Halloween this year. great job!

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