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Iron Man Motorcycle Suit

No guarantees that your biker gang will embrace your new style. But hey, it’s worth a try dammit. The Iron Man Mark V Motorcycle Suit is a great alternative to your Batman Motorcycle Suit, which understandably needs a wash. Come on, you haven’t taken the thing off in months. Nice and easy. That’s good. The Iron Man suit is available ...

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Iron Man Armor T-Shirt

Some have stated that they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this shirt beyond a comic conference or the like, but me? Well let’s just say I’ve been known to rock my Michael Jackson Red Jacket t-shirt out in public with no shame. So really, this could really boost my coolness. The Iron Man 2 Comic Chest T-Shirt, available for around ...

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Iron Man Becomes Iron Can: R2-D2, Meet Tony Stark

Poor Artoo has really gone through a lot the last few years since we publisher our first post back in 2006. From his image being branded on the sides of mailboxes to being used to peddle trash cans to messy geeks, we can’t say R2-D2 has gotten much of a fair deal as far as his image goes. But this ...

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Be Tony Stark: Iron Man Reactor Replica

You call that cold lump of coal in your chest a heart? Sounds to me like you can use a little cardiac boost. This Arc Reactor film replica fits right into your shrapnel-damaged chest. The replica comes emblazoned with the words “Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart.” No, no it really isn’t. You want proof, feel for a pulse. ...

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DIY: Iron Man Arc Reactor

The Iron Man movie was awesome and we’ve all seen the crazy fanboys dressing up in cosplay costumes. The next take on the DIY arc reactor is very Robert Downey Jr and we think that’s a good thing (these days). Remember the terrible chest piece Tony Stark had to create to keep him self alive? Making your own isn’t too ...

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Homemade Iron Man Suit Does Not Make You Tony Stark

Damn! That is one sharp-looking Iron Man suit! Too bad if a bunch of terrorist fucks rolled up on you in Afghanistan, you’d be shit out of luck. Still, this is about as close to the real Tony Stark as you can get. Made by Andrew Le, who clearly has a lot of times on his hands, the electromagnet/arc reactor/beam-of-light ...

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