Homegrown Flame-Throwing Superhero Will Melt Your Face Off

How many times have you read a comic and found yourself wishing you had a certain super power. Being the sick bastard I am, I always wished I had x-ray vision (the panties are pink, Lois.) Everett Bradford took it upon himself to create a flame-throwing wrist device, and soon to be, cause of his death.

Much like Pyro from X-Men, the Pyro System gives Everett the power to singe your eyebrows and cook BBQ steak from over 10 feet away. It takes him a few swipes to get the bad boy warmed up, but as long as you haven’t ran away in a mad dash after realizing he has a fucking flame thrower on his wrist, your ass is toast. Hit the jump for more video madness and details.

Andrew Dobrow


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