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DIY Mosquito Killing Device a.k.a. The Handheld Flamethrower

Meant for slaying mosquitoes, but equally capable of maiming an enemy or two, the DIY mosquito killing device is made using various doodads you can undoubtedly find laying around your home. Needed to create your very own mosquito killing device is a bottle of hair spray and an old bicycle handlebar with brakes included. Anything that combines the ability to ...

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The Prometheus Device Lets You Shoot Fire From the Palm of Your Hand

Everett Bradford created this insanely awesome “Prometheus Device” which lets you shoot fire from a hand-mounted flame thrower. The device makes you feel like a real superhero, or supervillain, for whichever purpose you decide to use your new found powers, good or evil, is up to you. Bradford’s also done a great job documenting the building process, but of course, ...

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Homegrown Flame-Throwing Superhero Will Melt Your Face Off

How many times have you read a comic and found yourself wishing you had a certain super power. Being the sick bastard I am, I always wished I had x-ray vision (the panties are pink, Lois.) Everett Bradford took it upon himself to create a flame-throwing wrist device, and soon to be, cause of his death. Much like Pyro from ...

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