Dirtsurfer Freestyle BMX Skateboard For The X-Treme

We’ve seen a skateboard mixed with a surfboard today, but how about a skateboard mixed with BMX? The Dirtsurfer Freestyle is just that: it’s got the speed of a freestyle BMX with the agility of a skateboard. Speed is controlled via a brake which is a simple lever-activated disk brake mounted on the rear wheel. Simply lean backwards and you’ll slow the board down.

Unlike a skateboard, the faster you go, the more stable the Dirtsurfer becomes. Slow down too much and, like a bike, you’ll fall on your side. Going off road on your skateboard just isn’t possible but, with the 16″ tires the Dirtsurfer is sporting, you can transverse almost any terrain. For $450, it’s yours. Though you must be warned, injuries caused while riding it are not covered as part of the price tag. So, ride carefully.

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