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Google Earth For Your iPhone

The Google team has long dreamed of the possibility of carrying the Earth around in its pocket. Now, Google Earth is official; the team’s dream has come true. With an iPhone or iPod touch, it’s no problem flying from Bermuda to the Bahamas or any other locale mentioned in the Beach Boys’ song, Kokomo. Whether this global imagery software will ...

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Dirtsurfer Freestyle BMX Skateboard For The X-Treme

We’ve seen a skateboard mixed with a surfboard today, but how about a skateboard mixed with BMX? The Dirtsurfer Freestyle is just that: it’s got the speed of a freestyle BMX with the agility of a skateboard. Speed is controlled via a brake which is a simple lever-activated disk brake mounted on the rear wheel. Simply lean backwards and you’ll ...

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LucasArts unveils Fracture, the Earth changing shooter

LucasArts, in conjunction with Day 1 Studio, has announced their newest addition to the gaming world with the new brand, Fracture, which is sure to have a slew of sequels in the future. The main unique feature of the new game will be something called Terrain Deformation, which will be a nifty little gadget to change the land to aid ...

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