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Aaron Ross Signature QWERTY Bicycle Grips

Anyone who knows me well enough will remember my obsession with BMX and the 1980s. These QWERTY grips for your bike? They remind me of something a dorkier Bob Haro would have used back on his first Freestyler. Not only do they match well with the white or black coloring that’s available, but at $8 a pair, they’re also some ...

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Dirtsurfer Freestyle BMX Skateboard For The X-Treme

We’ve seen a skateboard mixed with a surfboard today, but how about a skateboard mixed with BMX? The Dirtsurfer Freestyle is just that: it’s got the speed of a freestyle BMX with the agility of a skateboard. Speed is controlled via a brake which is a simple lever-activated disk brake mounted on the rear wheel. Simply lean backwards and you’ll ...

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Nike Truck Crushes Little Kids

Mountain Dew’s Action Sports Tour is headed our way and Nike really wants to make peoples’ jaws drop. For their campaign, they hired the ad/design firm Hub Strategy who worked on this armor-plated war truck, turning it into a mobile extreme sport HQ. But, what makes this monstrous truck so extreme? It’s not the skateboard ramp on the back or ...

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Nike’s Lightning Bolts BMX Art Show

Nike recently held an art show in Beijing, China to showcase the history of BMX. All the pros and legends turned out for the event, including Bob Haro, Eddie Fiola and Mat Hoffman. With the spotlight the original Haro Lightning Bolts racing plates, artists showed off their customized plates with many paying tribute to the riding style of the past. ...

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