Custom Joker Shoes Make Others Look Nervous

Know what makes people go batshit? The Dark Knight. Get it? Get it? C’mon!

Shitty jokes aside, check out these custom-made Converse Chucks from SweatShop Clothing. Looks like the design team over there really had a hard-on for Heath (RIP) as they really went to town on this pair of kicks. All four suits in a deck of cards plus an image of the Joker’s face add to the look, including text that says “WHY SO SERIOUS?” That should be enough to send chills down your spine if you saw the movie.

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  1. Where can I buy these shoes? My grandson wants some. Thanks.

  2. where can i get them i need them soooo bad for my kids brithday i need too no?

  3. Hey I love this shoes were can I get them

  4. i would really like a pair of these. where do ya get them?

  5. heyy my boyfriend loves these shoes and his birthday is comeing up i wannted to know where i can get them and how much they are??

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