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The Dark Knight: The First Warner Film With BD-Live

Disney isn’t the only one releasing Blu-ray movies with BD-Live, a feature that enables you access content via the Internet. Warner Home Video has announced its first BD-Live enabled Blu-ray film will be The Dark Knight. Some of the features included with the movie are My WB Commentary, which allows users to record their own commentary on the movie and ...

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The Dark Knight Edition Xbox 360

Yup. You read correctly. You, sirs, are staring at a brand-spankin’ new Xbox 360 from Taiwan. The catch? It’s an extremely limited edition The Dark Knight Xbox 360. Kind of like getting a BJ from Megan Fox while Michael Jordan high fives you. Good luck getting your own. You may very well end up making your own. Link

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Custom Joker Shoes Make Others Look Nervous

Know what makes people go batshit? The Dark Knight. Get it? Get it? C’mon! Shitty jokes aside, check out these custom-made Converse Chucks from SweatShop Clothing. Looks like the design team over there really had a hard-on for Heath (RIP) as they really went to town on this pair of kicks. All four suits in a deck of cards plus ...

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The Dark Knight Reviewed

I’m not going to sit here and discuss the movie with you. I’m not going to reveal spoilers, what I like, what I didn’t like or anything of the sort. Instead, you must see it. The movie is near flawless and is now my favorite movie ever. The cast gives a mind-blowing performance, with Aaron Eckhart and Heath Ledger handling ...

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Afternoon Linkage for July 17th, 2008

Let’s not kid ourselves here. You’re going to see The Dark Knight in about 12 hours and so am I. In the meantime, let’s cut the tension with some links, shall we? Help give kids the gift of breasts How to cool off in Japan Does it get any better than new Castlevania titles? Big Tip: Find out how you ...

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The Definitive Dark Knight Figure

Oh snap! The Dark Knight is just around the corner and if you’re as psyched about it as I am you’d have already purchased your ticket. So stop the press. Fucking stop it. Behold, 12″ figures resembling the Batman and his ensemble of teched out transports. These replicas are of the highest detail of any Batman toy I’ve ever seen. ...

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