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Pop Art-Inspired Converse Sneakers

Inspired by the likes of Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Indiana, these pop art-infused Converse sneakers integrate famous pop prints into the design of the shoe. No Warhol that I can tell, but who cares, Warhol is everywhere already. Did you ever think you’d own sneakers featuring Banday dots? I think not. Link [via]

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Awesome Handpainted Super Mario Bros High-Top Sneakers

Time to retire your old Chuck Taylors. There is finally a worthy high-top successor. Handpainted by Rachelle Williams of ParadoxArtistry, these Super Mario Sneakers feature all of your favorite Mario characters, custom crafted onto a pair of high-tops. These are so awesome it hurts. $160 will snag you a pair of these sneaks or you can choose from a butt ...

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Grim Fandango Chuck Taylors

The Converse Chuck Taylor is becoming the premier shoe for customization as of late. Rodrigo Galindez, however, looks to a game from the 1990s for inspiration. The amazing Gram Fandango lives on in the form of purple-colored high-top Chucks. To own a pair would be divine, but alas, they aren’t for sale. Link [via]

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Custom Joker Shoes Make Others Look Nervous

Know what makes people go batshit? The Dark Knight. Get it? Get it? C’mon! Shitty jokes aside, check out these custom-made Converse Chucks from SweatShop Clothing. Looks like the design team over there really had a hard-on for Heath (RIP) as they really went to town on this pair of kicks. All four suits in a deck of cards plus ...

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