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Pop Art-Inspired Converse Sneakers

Inspired by the likes of Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Indiana, these pop art-infused Converse sneakers integrate famous pop prints into the design of the shoe. No Warhol that I can tell, but who cares, Warhol is everywhere already. Did you ever think you’d own sneakers featuring Banday dots? I think not. Link [via]

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Grim Fandango Chuck Taylors

The Converse Chuck Taylor is becoming the premier shoe for customization as of late. Rodrigo Galindez, however, looks to a game from the 1990s for inspiration. The amazing Gram Fandango lives on in the form of purple-colored high-top Chucks. To own a pair would be divine, but alas, they aren’t for sale. Link [via]

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Bus Stop Seesaw Bench Encourages Cooperation

Martin Nicolausson must’ve been bored out of his mind when he came up with the idea of a seesaw bench for a bus stop. Or perhaps he was just tired of standing there all by himself with no one to talk to. His goal: to get strangers to converse in public spaces. It encourages cooperation, requiring two people to work ...

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Converse Kicks To Satisfy Your Inner Fresh Prince

Sneakers in crazy colorways are all the rage these days, but hipster favorite Converse rarely come in cool designs unless they’re customized. Converse fans who’ve been craving a little color will be happy to know that the brand is re-releasing their old school neon Jams Skidgrip Mids. These shoes are made for skating, but their bright retro color scheme will ...

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Custom Joker Shoes Make Others Look Nervous

Know what makes people go batshit? The Dark Knight. Get it? Get it? C’mon! Shitty jokes aside, check out these custom-made Converse Chucks from SweatShop Clothing. Looks like the design team over there really had a hard-on for Heath (RIP) as they really went to town on this pair of kicks. All four suits in a deck of cards plus ...

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