Consumers Avoid Linux For Their Netbooks

When it comes to netbooks, a Linux operating system drops the price down significantly as opposed to it’s more pricey XP counterpart. As anyone who has ever worked in retail knows: consumers are cheap. Very cheap. It’s no surprise that when they see the price tag of a Linux-based netbook they buy it without thinking twice. They quickly find that they aren’t getting quite what they expected (Windows).

“They don’t want to spend time to learn it so they bring it back to the store. The return rate is at least four times higher for Linux netbooks than Windows XP netbooks.” said MSI’s Director of Sales Andy Tung.

As for myself, I would’ve purchased my Acer with Linux had I found one that fit my specifications. Linux boots up faster and is less prone to some of the nasty bugs on the Internet that are geared towards XP. Plus, any person who knows computers and has touched computers that run on anything other than Windows knows: Microsoft operating systems are haggard. Don’t believe me? Try Vista.

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  1. got my aspire one with linux . love it the speed with a mere 512mb of ram is outstanding. boot time under 20 seconds 30 at the most. with a little tweaking you can add and remove software like all other linux distros its a great bit of kit for the �179 i payed for it. And im starting to note like the ipod touch there is quite a faithful online community for it. so it has a wealth of free help online 🙂
    the only thing i do miss is windows live messenger , because all linux versions tbh just plain suck but for the speed and the money it saved me going with the linux version im a verry happy consumer.
    If only my “main laptops” with vista were this good

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